Our Beautiful Family Session with My Four Hens Photography

We had the great fortune to have our family photos taken for the second year in a row by the talented photographer Sarah Cornish and her up and coming photographer husband (Mr My Four Hens) Wesley Cornish of My Four Hens Photography. We spent a brief afternoon in Estes Park in the Rocky Mountains and they made the experience effortless. We also got to see a really large herd of Elk on the move which was such a nice end to our time together. 

I hear the My Four Hens team will be traveling this year and doing sessions around the country. I would not miss my chance if I were you. If you would like to see our session and also hear the beautiful words of Sarah herself, not to mention see her amazing website full of beauty, here is a link to her blog post. Thanks for stopping in and have a great Holiday season <3


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Summer of 2016

It has been such a fast summer. I feel like it just started and here we are in mid August already.
Our kids are soaking up all of the summer activity and I am using this time to study and get ready for the fall workshops. My last class with Caroline Jensen ( on Click Photo School)  'The Observant Photographer' was so amazing that I felt comfortable having that be my last full participation online class for awhile. I have stored up so much to study. I am in the midst of watching Creative Live videos and Phlearn videos and then somedays I go into my hard drive and find breakouts or workshop materials I saved for later. I love that I never run out of things to learn. I have a few study along classes that are running this month and I am excited to learn those topics as well. I also did a mentorship hour with Rachel Bellinsky recently which was amazing. She was so helpful and easy to talk to and I learned quite a bit. Her work is truly special, you should check it out.   www.rachelbellinsky.com

I am so looking forward to these Fall workshops, I honestly feel like it's the next step in my evolution. Maybe some day I will write reviews of all of the classes and workshops I have taken. I definitely cannot say I am self taught.... I am not sure what that means anyway? I knew what it meant when I was in art school,  people who had never taken a class were "self-taught". But in the photography world and the digital age clearly everyone is watching tutorials. Anyway labels don't matter to me. I have taken every class I could get my hands on and I am so glad I did. The time I saved trying to figure things out on my own was better spent on my children. Classes were the best way for me. Hope to have some exciting things to say and share this Fall and Winter.

What's been going on

So I fell down the steps.
I injured my back pretty badly and then went out a couple of days later to do a series of self portraits to make a composite for a class that I am currently taking. We were to chose a piece of music and create something inspired by the piece. I chose a string piece by Brahms. I had a vision and wanted to make it so much that I just worked through the pain and shot these images on a pretty steep slope. And it became exactly what I saw in my head. The story of what it is like to be me and the many facets of my personality as a wife and mother, an introvert and an artist. Not used to putting myself out there but I do feel happy with making my vision come to life. Thankfully a visit to the chiropractor has me feeling better and on my way to healing. Hope to get back to making more work soon.



The fate of my 366 and the future

So the confines of having to number a photograph daily have gotten to be something that I am not interested in doing. I do shoot photos daily (ok I skip a day here and there) but I don't want to have to choose and label one every day. I am glad I started because you don't know what you do and don't enjoy until you try. So I will continue to post photos and to blog when I feel like blogging. And more importantly I will continue to learn, grow and document the growth and life of our family. Just in a much more free way than before. Life is too short to be anyone but the best version of yourself.

35 - 45 / 366

Switching up on the frequency of posting to save some valuable life time with my family. In that spirit here are the last 11 days.




He is in love with his feet. This is my first time seeing a baby discover their feet because our other two children had hip dysplasia and had to wear harnesses for many months.          So it's a journey of discovery for all of us.    15 - 366 Mathais-Feet-PS-FINAL-rs-5706  


He is a dinosaur everyday and in all ways. I hope he keeps this ferocious roar and uses it whenever he feels he needs to. Nohl roar rs-5524



I got behind over the last few days. So here are days 10-12