What's been going on

So I fell down the steps.
I injured my back pretty badly and then went out a couple of days later to do a series of self portraits to make a composite for a class that I am currently taking. We were to chose a piece of music and create something inspired by the piece. I chose a string piece by Brahms. I had a vision and wanted to make it so much that I just worked through the pain and shot these images on a pretty steep slope. And it became exactly what I saw in my head. The story of what it is like to be me and the many facets of my personality as a wife and mother, an introvert and an artist. Not used to putting myself out there but I do feel happy with making my vision come to life. Thankfully a visit to the chiropractor has me feeling better and on my way to healing. Hope to get back to making more work soon.



Ronne Pierce