Summer of 2016

It has been such a fast summer. I feel like it just started and here we are in mid August already.
Our kids are soaking up all of the summer activity and I am using this time to study and get ready for the fall workshops. My last class with Caroline Jensen ( on Click Photo School)  'The Observant Photographer' was so amazing that I felt comfortable having that be my last full participation online class for awhile. I have stored up so much to study. I am in the midst of watching Creative Live videos and Phlearn videos and then somedays I go into my hard drive and find breakouts or workshop materials I saved for later. I love that I never run out of things to learn. I have a few study along classes that are running this month and I am excited to learn those topics as well. I also did a mentorship hour with Rachel Bellinsky recently which was amazing. She was so helpful and easy to talk to and I learned quite a bit. Her work is truly special, you should check it out.

I am so looking forward to these Fall workshops, I honestly feel like it's the next step in my evolution. Maybe some day I will write reviews of all of the classes and workshops I have taken. I definitely cannot say I am self taught.... I am not sure what that means anyway? I knew what it meant when I was in art school,  people who had never taken a class were "self-taught". But in the photography world and the digital age clearly everyone is watching tutorials. Anyway labels don't matter to me. I have taken every class I could get my hands on and I am so glad I did. The time I saved trying to figure things out on my own was better spent on my children. Classes were the best way for me. Hope to have some exciting things to say and share this Fall and Winter.

Ronne Pierce