Ronne Pierce

Hi! My name is Ronne and I am an artist and mother who unschools her three children in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. After being married and having children I discovered that I was losing who I was as a woman and an artist. I have been on a quest to find myself through art and also to reengage in life, because it is so very short. 

I have a degree in Fine Arts (Painting, Print Making and Art History) from the University of New Orleans, but in the last decade I have found that my true love artistically is photography and making art digitally. While I am actively making fine art still,  I have also discovered a love for shining light on intimate connections and helping women and men find confidence, empowerment and self-love through photographing them.

I want to meet people from every walk of life and make them feel beautiful and special by making images of them that they love and treasure. I am drawn to the free spirits, the wild ones, the ones that aren’t afraid to stand in the truth of who they are. I also love making portraits and helping models develop an artistic and varied portfolio.

I am open to joining you where you are and making art and beautiful imagery with you. I would love the chance to show you how beautiful you are through my eyes. Please reach out if you would like to work with me. I am excited to meet you!